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Company - Historic

In 1990, on the land of the former factory, which belonged to the landowner Bratasanu, the Popeci Company arose, becoming a private society, with unique shareholder, Mr. Constantin Popeci. The company soon becomes specialized in the production of sub-assemblies for power and metallurgical industry. In order to be able to build, mount and mend under pressure plants, the company is authorized and certified by ISCIR and it works according to Quality System ISO 9002.

In 2000, the Popeci Company took over the Commercial Society of Mending and Exploiting earth moving equipment of Craiova (REUT). The shareholder’s structure changes by the acquisition of a block of shares, representing 74%, by Mr. Constantin Popeci. The new secured society has an exportation share of 20% and a surface of 56.460 mp. The assortment of works is wide. The society performs different works of land melioration, such as: damming, draining, sanitation, soil erosion control, on building sites such as Bistret, Nedeia Jiu, Valea Hartibaciului Sibiu, the Corabia terrace and so on and so forth. In the same time, the company offers to its clients products and services for the most varied fields: metallic manufacture, mechanical processing, repairs and reconditioning earth moving equipments. The company also has a casting bay with a capacity of 1.000 to/year, where one is able to cast parts having the following characteristics: grey iron max. 500 kg/piece, bronze max. 230 kg/piece and aluminum max. 230 kg/piece.

The Popeci Utilaj Greu S.A. Company is located on the town’s Eastern industrial platform and owns a special technical endowment, being able to cast any series or unique product, from steel welded structures, with or without machining, to machine tools and complex technological plant, including assembly and commissioning.
The company’s skilled staff has significantly increased after becoming a joint stock company with full private capital. Today, the number of wage earners reaches 793 people. About 60 people of the company’s staff work in the projection field and more than 35 people work in the Quality Assurance System. The implementation of the Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001 resulted in the certification of the Quality System by the famous society Germanischer Lloyd.

Company’s turnover has grown as it follows:

 2001:     2.711.000 euro

 2002:     2.860.391 euro

 2003:     4.995.862 euro

estimate 2004:    7.263.923 euro.

The production structure achieved by Popeci Utilaj Greu S.A. divides into: welded structures, machine tools, metallurgical plant stock, spare parts and mining plant stock.

The output is:

- welded structures: minimum 300 tons/month

- heavy mechanical processing: 12.000 hours/month

- light mechanical processing: 22.000 hours/month

- assembling: 10.000 hours/month

In the good development of the production process, the productive surfaces also cooperate. The productive surfaces are divided like this:

- main hall: 59.000 mp

- transversal hall (ground floor and floors): 3.500 mp

- welding hall: 16.015 mp

- hall for thermal treatment: 6.120 mp

- hall for metallic covering: 1.750 mp

These production places are endowed with cranes and platforms which allow, at crane’s hook, maximum heights of 17,94 m in the main hall and 21 m, in the hall for thermal treatment, as well as loads on only one hook of: 32, 40, 50, 80, 125, 160 tons or with two coupled platforms having 160 tons, 320 tons respectively.

The possibilities of technological achievement are wide and they include:

- cylindrical turning on parallel and vertical lathes

- flat milling on portal milling machines

- flat and shaped grinding

- cylindrical grinding

- deep drilling, care drilling, boring, honing

- internal and external cylindrical gear cutting

- straight bevel gear cutting and sector bevel gear cutting (milling and grinding)

- cylindrical gear grinding

- rack milling

- oxigas cutting in CNC and plasma cutting for refracting and non-ferrous materials

- welding with complex structures of maximum weight 200.000 kg (flux shielded welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, slag bath welding).

- sandblasting in closed cabin

- cylindrical and bevel thick plate rolling

- some other work such as: metallization, painting, stress relief by vibrating, fixing physical and mechanical characteristics, fixing metallographical structures, programs for processing on CNC machines, US control and welding leads radiography

The possibilities of technological achievement are wide and they include:

- in iron and steel industry: lines of continuous moulding (for Hunedoara Steel Works), doors, frames, screening for coking plants, hard cast ironed cylinders, different welded structures (customer: Danielli Italia).

- in metallurgical industry: spare parts for metallurgical plant stock, customer: Weingartner, Maschinenbau Austria.

- in power industry: spare parts (spindles, rotors, bearings, stands, welded structures) for fan mills with MVC4, MVC17, MVC22, MVC50, MVC75 hammers, DGS100 mills, being able to find among the customers The Power Complex of Craiova, The Power Complex of Turceni, The Power Complex of Rovinari, Kvaerner IMG Bucharest

- privately, for nuclear industry, Popeci Utilaj Greu S.A. had made plant stocks for UN I and UN II of Cernavoda Nuclear and Power Station (Mid mead conveyor truck, Mid head maintaining platform, fixed bridge, Mid head opening bridge, trolley wire with catenary suspension).

- reduction gear and spare parts reduction gear of all types for mining industry (customer: S.N.L.O. Tg. Jiu, The Repair Plants in Tg. Jiu, B.A.T.S. Rovinari) - presses and component parts of plant stock in wood processing industry (customer: Prolemn Reghin)

- compaction machines for scrap, metallic boxes and so on and so forth in cooperation with Lollini R&M Romania Society

- a wide range of machine tools such as: SNG heavy lathes, automatic lathes, milling machines, presses for rubber industry and so on and so forth (customer: G.P.M. Titan International Bucarest, Reinartz Maschinenbau Germany)

- launching and checking systems, manipulators and manipulating equipment for the water and gas pipes survey, customer: General Electric Great Britain.

- support and other component parts for plastic bottle production (PET-s), customer: Sigplast Corporation Germany

- equipments for dragging ships, customer: IHC Holland

- different metallic structures such as: showroom-service for Mercedes, Skoda (Craiova), Fiat (Rm. Valcea), school sports halls (Bucarest, Slatina, Tr. Magurele, Draganesti, Rosiori de Vede), hall for meat products preparation (Olas Prod Craiova), metallic structures for beer fermentation (Brawn Union Romania, Craiova), The Multipurpose Room of Craiova and so on and so forth.

In the present conditions of a more and more competitive global market, the consumers face a large number of suppliers. Popeci Utilaj Greu commanded obedience in front of its main contestants by having a flexible management policy, adapted to internal market demands, as well as to external market demands. Our company’s objective is responsibleness in the business relations with our partners, in order to become the leader of quality and productivity, for the customers’ satisfaction.

By taking over the former Heavy Equipment Enterprise and by creating other societies, Popeci Company changes into a group of societies, which offers to its customers extremely varied products and services and which now includes:

Industrial products and services:

- heavy machine tools workmanship and complex technological plant stock (according to our own projects or to customers’ projects), for the following industries: metallurgical industry, iron and steel industry, power industry, including nuclear, mining and chemical industry, as well as wood, cellulose and paper processing industry and so on and so forth.

- complex metallic structures, with or without mechanical processing

- current and capital reparations of machine tools and technological plant stocks

- dynamic equilibration, vibrating stress relieve and heat treatment

* Land melioration

* Aluminous and PVC carpentry

* Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep licenced partner

Popeci group’s exceptional endowment, as well as the experience gathered meanwhile and a well-trained staff have changed Popeci Company into a reference renown in Romania and a well-known and appreciated renown abroad, in countries like Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Holland, Bulgaria and in some other countries where the exported products arrive.